Arsenic Water Test


Recommended for targeted arsenic testing in drinking water. 

Arsenic is found in UK drinking water which is sourced from ground water. Arsenic is a particular problem for water sourced from private water supplies (boreholes). Arsenic is known to cause cancer, the UK standards currently require the amount of arsenic in drinking water to be less than 10 parts per billion (ppb).

Our Arsenic Water Test provides an analysis of arsenic contaminants that are found in drinking water. We report arsenic concentrations in parts per billion along with pH (acidity), total dissolved solids and water hardness.

 ✔ Simple sample collection  
 ✔ Physical properties  
 ✔ Arsenic concentration measured in parts per billion (ppb)

Our lab analysis will test for:

Physical properties: pH (acidity), conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids) & hardness.

Metals: Arsenic


Sample :
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Fill from tap When your test-kit arrives, simply fill the supplied tubes with water from your taps. 
Use prepaid shipping Immediately send us your samples in our pre-paid return packaging. 
Lab will analyse

We will carefully analyse your water in our laboratory. 

View your results

When we have results, you can view them on-line and start learning about your tap water quality.

The Water Professor offers a service which will provide you with information about your water and may help you make informed decisions about whether you wish to purchase water purification products.

The information provided by The Water Professor is for personal use. Our services are designed for home testing, as such, the water samples are not taken by certified specialists and therefore cannot be used for official or legal purposes.

If you require certified results (e.g. housing companies or landlords) then water samples will need to be collected by a certified professional, please contact our customer support team to discuss.

We are not medical doctors and do not offer medical advice in any form..

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